About Us

Education has always been a War for me.  I lacked quiet everything that the urban society was made of. Crawling and crumbling I finished my Academics with low grades and started off with my Art career. From the Art Galleries I landed into Textile Designing, and again it was a bad choice for me. Struggling with the low grades and educational certificates, I never received that kind attention from people. After staggering for many days and nights, one day my father insisted me to join the Multimedia Classes as computer was an alien stuff for me. It is during this period of time, where I got to meet some good teachers and mentors in my life. These bunch of 4-5 people was the best thing that happened with me and I started my career again with Photoshop. This time while working on Photoshop projects I slowly started to see the bigger picture and finally made my decision to be a Professional Wedding Photographer. Photography has given me that piece of mind and satisfaction which I was searching for. Working for over more than 10 years in this platform, yes it is a struggle but the struggle is worth it in the end.